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Welcome to our new! We have revamped our websites and we are sorry if the page you are looking for is not available anymore. First launched by the Chief Minister of Sabah and endorsed by Sabah Tourism Board and MATTA Sabah Chapter in the year 2001, our new website now has a fresh look and feel after going through 3 years of rebranding. Our focus now is to bring you a fresh perspective of what Sabah has to offer to the world.

SabahTravelGuide.Com now has integrated media coverage including electronic, print and social media. Our print media includes a free STG Traveller's Map with a circulation of 120,000 copies per annum updated quarterly and our very own free Borneo 360 ALIVE magazine with a circulation of 100,000 copies per annum.

Please use our sitemap below to browse our new website. We thank you for all everyone's continuous support towards !

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